Rocio Peralta is natural, accessible, and ‘Flamenca’, very ‘Flamenca’. She is in love with Andalusian culture. Overflowing style and personality; printed in her Flamenca dresses, full of work and success.


Born in Seville, daughter of the famous cattleman  and rejoneador (bullfighter on horseback) Rafael Peralta. She does not lack energy or desire, she is a perfectionist, controlling every detail. Her great passion: Flamenca dresses.


She has dressed personalities from all over the world, fusing traditional with new trends. It is characterized by designing unique dresses and original shawls without losing the essence of the authentic.


Rocio links the “new” to the “classic.” Her designs are an explosion of color, with a chromatic variety that breaks the traditional. Rocio plays with the flamenco mole, moves it, mixes it and takes it to another dimension.